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Thunderbirds on Blu-Ray - anyone bought it?

Just wondered if anyone actually bought this, even with the cropped picture?

Love the old Anderson shows, and I've seen some of the episodes (and to be fair the cropping has been done well) but part of me can't bring myself to buy it knowing it's not being presented in the OAR the makers intended.

They do look stunning in HD though.
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With a ridiculous cover too. Ohhhh, the terror of Kyrano!
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I know, you'd think the designers would at least research it a little wouldn't you?

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Superb picture quality, which is ruined by the fact that they didn't pillarbox but instead chose to butcher it into widescreen.

Some people may be willing to accept this in exchange for the improved image quality and may seek to justify or excuse it with statements like "it was done sympathetically, rather than crudely hacking tops off of heads"

But in my book it;s unforgivable, and I refuse to buy it
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Me too.

And despite the loss being negligable, it does also represent a slight loss in quality, as the 4:3 picture is zoomed in and cropped.

No, STAR TREK was 4:3 and that looks fantastic in HD as will NEXT GEN if they can track down all the right elements.

There was just no need to do such a stupid and short sighted thing. I took the definite step of buying the SD version as just upscaling via my TOSH HD-E30. Whilst it is not actual HD, I can live with it, it is my protest at such a daft act.

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