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I found the difference between upscaled DVD and HD-DVD to be pretty darned big.

Some upscaled material looked fab but NOTHING has looked as good as Corpse Bride or King Kong.
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Originally Posted by bradavon
DVD transfers can differ wildly I imagine the same will happen with HD, sadly.
This was a concern I had ages ago. Go back to an early DVD and compare the picture quality to a recent one, the difference is huge. I was hoping this wouldn't be as big of an issue with HD, then there's already the talk that the UK Serenity has a better image/transfer than the US one.

D@mn you Microsoft for making the 360 HD (this made me get a HD TV after I saw games I own played in HD, but it wasn't too expensive thanks to the internet and discount vouchers) and making the HD DVD player such an attractive price.
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Tony Danza
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I think the fact that people are watching movies on 720p screens is the reason the "jump" above DVD isn't as big as they hoped.
I have a 720p (native) projector and comparing it to watching full 1080p(trailers at the mo!!! dam you HMV/Microsoft!!!!) on my monitor Dell 2405. It's worlds apart.
It's sooo much more detailed I'm selling the projector.
The projected image is nice and clearly better than DVD, but it hardly seems worth it.
DVD -> 720p = 0.4Megapixels -> 0.9Mp
720p -> 1080p = 0.9MP -> 2.0Mp

When everyone that thinks they aren't getting much from HDDVD/BluRay gets a full 1080p or more display in a few years. Those discs are going to be dusted off.
The resolution of a display is going to need to be 2500-3000 before you can get all the details and shape out of the pixels as well.
Even badly encoded discs have some room in them yet.
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Indeed Scoobyood.

The market/price seems to be just about finding it's feet with the 720p screens (which I myself have)

(Actually bought it to go with my Xbox360)

But the 1080p screens seem a bit high end right now.
I'm guessing they may well stay at the high end for a long time, as 720p at a good price will probably suffice more people than bringing 1080p down to the same level.

I'm actually looking at upgrading my projector, which (at the moment) is not even 720p.
The problem is, a 720p projector is about £1000, whilst a 1080p one is (I think) about £2500 - £3000

3x the price for just 300 more lines

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Politics, eh?
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Yeah, but those extra 300 lines are quality.
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I Do Deny Them My Essence
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MI3 looks stunning to me, Space Duck, whereas I feel that Batman Begins looks a little soft. Absolutely superb audio on both though. This issue really does come down to each individual film, and how it is treated. I just got Happy Gilmore, which was recently remastered by Universal, and it looks amazing. Seriously.

I'm watching on a mere 720p display and yet I still feel that, for the most part, HD-DVD (and DVHS before that) is worth it for the improved quality, both visual and aural. There are select films that just don't seem to benefit (the underwhelming PQ of Goodfellas is a truth universally acknowledged, and IMO Superman The Movie just doesn't deliver the goods), but overall I'm very impressed by the high quality of the releases so far.
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Originally Posted by Boink!
Yeah, but those extra 300 lines are quality.
Yup, guess so.
Forgive my ignorance (or rather can't be arsed to look it up for himself)

But as well as the no. of lines going up 300, does the horizontal resolution go up as well to match?
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Originally Posted by Antony Aardvark
Sorry to tell you this but Sky Captain is probably the worst film ever made.
Hang on...didn't you see the title he mentioned before that? Waterworld....utter, utter ****.....another epic Kevin "I really can't act for toffee" Costner yawnfest. In comparison Sky Captain is Citizen Kane.
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I think it varies from disk to disk. Kong looked great in a cgitastic sort of way. More a tech demo than a film. I watched Apollo 13 at the weekend and wasn't entirely blown away but saw Unforgiven last night and that looked stunning, big outside vistas and a beautiful autumnal pallete. Really looked superb and a real step up from DVD.
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1280 becomes 1920 so thats a considerable increase
720 becomes 1080 so thats nay bad either.

But King Kong looked lush on my 50" Panny PHD8 which is 'only' 720p. Not that I could really bring myself to watch it again, just how overated was that film?

Gary A
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Not one bit, it was ace
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