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2 thumbs up for fear and loathing on hd dvd

arrived this morning from dvdworldusa (not exactly rapid delivery but the price was much better than play) and even though im viewing it on a non hd screen (pw7) the picture is vibrant i had this on the criterion and while the lack of the dts is a downer amongst the other goodies from criterion the picture and true hd audio are absolutely lovely.not had time to really crank up the vol on the amp but i think it could be one hell of a disc.my previous 3 films have all been very easy on the eyes (batman begins,kong and serenity) but seeing as this film is aged and was never filmed on a huge budget to start off with the picture is really,REALLY nice and certainly worthy of double dipping imho.for me this really is were hd dvd shines as like i said earlier i was expecting my previous 3 films to shine but im glad i sold my criterion when i knew this was out and im not let down in the least as there are only a few times you can watch deleted scenes etc.

so to summerise.GET IT

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Oooh. Me wantee. This has a TrueHD audio track as well, right?
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It does yes.
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this is getting BOUGHT
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The Chad
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Thanks for the mini review S1lverback, this is the first film I ever imported when I bought my first dvd player many years back and I'd love to see it at it's best so will be putting an order in for this
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