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Guest 18216
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When/Where is the next console gaming exhibition going to be??

Would like to go to one, but dont know who runs it or when its on? Its usually help in london. Any ideas?
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Mr M0by
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I'd imagine you're referring to Gamestars Live held at the London ExCeL in the first week of September. That covers all consoles. There's also the PlaystationExperience which ran alongside ECTS at Earls Court for the first two years but was held at Alton Towers last year, probably because they didn't want to associate themselves with the poor reception/turnout that ECTS received. I think there was another one that ran around about June of last year which was Xbox only, but i can't remember any other details, sorry.
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Guest 13986
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I'd like to know too. GameStar was fab and basically convinced me to get an Xbox after playing Burnout 3.

Also the random fit women was nice too
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