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Not long had this email from sainsbury's entertainment...

As a valued customer of Sainsbury's Entertainment website we wanted to let you know that from March 2014 our website http://www.sainsburysentertainment.co.uk/en/home.html will become completely on demand - offering music and films for downloading and films for streaming. From 28 February 2014 we will no longer accept online orders for physical products. This change is due to the rapid growth in customer appetite for on demand films, music and books.

We are aware that you have an order due from Sainsbury's Entertainment and we can assure you that we will fulfil your order.

However, we will no longer be able to accept any pre-orders for items which don't yet have a release date, or which will be released after 15 March 2014.

Sainsbury's will continue to sell DVDs, CDs, books, games and games consoles in over 1,000 stores. In addition, we are constantly expanding our Entertainment on Demand offering to bring you more films, music and books to download, or films to stream, to a range of devices.

Thank you again for shopping at Sainsbury's Entertainment.

Disappointing, I'd been using them more and more for Blu's of late. Strange decision too, Is there need for another downloads/streaming service

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I think it is a *******d decision, one which they may regret.
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Even though , I have ordered off them recently and indeed have a preorder with them due the beginning of December, I still prefer amazon due too my prime membership
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I guess it answers the question raised by the thread title pretty definitively
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Apparently Sainsbury's Entertainment are going download only from 28th February

The email:

Sainsbury’s Entertainment to become an entirely on demand website

Due to the rise in demand for downloading and streaming films and music, from March 2014 Sainsbury’s Entertainment will become a completely entertainment on demand site. From 28 February 2014 we will no longer accept online orders for physical products.

The Sainsbury’s Entertainment website will continue to grow, bringing you more music and films to download, and films to stream, on an ever expanding range of devices.

Sainsbury’s will continue to sell DVDs, CDs, books, games and games consoles for sale in more than 1,000 of our stores. Store Locator.

We will fulfil all customer orders placed by 28 February 2014 for products that are available to be delivered before 15 March 2014.

Thank you for shopping at Sainsbury’s Entertainment.
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can't believe they are doing this - gutted.. the main use of my nectar points was getting Sainsburys Entertainment Vouchers... won't be now..
its that fine line between stupid and clever..

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I just looked at their download app for ios

Please note that HDMI and Airplay functionality is disabled on this App.

Rubbish then.
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Hate this. Play gone, Sainsburys gone, soon there will only be amazon. Never ever will I pay money to purchase a digital film.
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I bet they know something about Royal Mail postal charges for 2014 that we don't.
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