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What's with return of the BD/DVD combo packs?

Many companies including Criterion, Masters of Cinema etc are now releasing major titles as Blu-ray/DVD combo sets. When BDs first came in, this used to happen with new films but gradually petered out as the new format took hold. Now, while the new films continue BD and DVD as separate releases, many old classics are coming out as "Dual Format" combined sets.

What's the thinking behind this?
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Criterion said it was because they can't afford to run two inventories of both BD and DVD especially as now BD takes up 60%+ of their sales. They said they would need to increase the single disk pricing of DVDs from the current DVD=$30 rrp and BD=$40 rrp.

They also have a big customer base of older fans who refuse to buy the better BDs and still want DVDs as cheaper, so a single combo disk makes them pay more as priced at BD level.
I remember Eureka MoC did a customer survey a year or so back and there was still a very vocal demand for DVD. I don't get it as surely film fans are the ones who should embrace BD.

At least BFI and MoC priced their combo releases to take account of the single inventory savings although prices have crept up.

Back to combo releases in the UK I think the Hollywood studios found it just did not boost BD sales and given they sell in much bigger quantities keeping separate BD and DVDs in stock and in retailers is less of an issue. However studios like Disney still do them in the US and they do make sense for their cartoons at least. Watch the BD in the lounge or the kids watch the DVD in the bedroom or on their portable player in the car etc.

I actually think Disney and Paramount really rip off European consumers because as well as omitting the DVD most of their titles here also don't get the digital copy codes for iTunes or Ultraviolet. Star Trek with Paramount did but that was the exception.
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