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Rude Mechanical
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Most people I know still don't even have Blu-ray players yet!

If the boutique studios adopted this I would probably make the switch - but I want to avoid the normal routine for a new tech, when the big studios release all the same slightly crap movies in the new format and we buy films we don't really want just because its a new format!
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I'll probably be buying them once I've upgraded my TV's but...

It won't be until they can be ripped and stored.
It won't be all my movie collection as I have over 1000 DVD's/Blurays. I'm not buying them all again, just favourites and movies that will really benefit from the upgrade. Ones that are known for cinematography and high quality picture in the cinema and have a good review for the 4k release.
Once they've been discounted significantly.

....and once I'm convinced there's really a benefit. not really had a proper look yet but unless my equipment can really show it buying a "normal" sized TV and not sitting with my nose pressed to the screen then there's no point.
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It is a niche within a niche.

Like tranny dwarf pr0n.
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Alan George
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It has everything against it. People don't buy discs like they once did, the price will be high, & how many films will be available? I wouldn't think the studios would be keen, 4K scans of their movies to the public? It's like inviting bootleggers. And this report (not confirmed yet) that you will need online permission to play the discs, kills an already doomed format (if the studios change their mind at any point, you'd have an expensive coaster). It must be the manufactures of the players & tellys that are pushing it.
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Whatever protection is added will just be broken by hackers like everything before it.
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4k Blu-ray

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