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I cannot figure out how to turn my multi-region player region free, Please Help!!!

The Model is a Mustek V520

When you first get the player, you have to do something specific to make it region free, and I dont know what it is

I have all these region 1 dvd's to watch and its killing me!!!. Can someone please tell me what I need to do/ what I need to program to be able to watch region 1 movies, or please give me the name or number of someone who does.

Thanks in advance!!

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Look here, young jedi apprentice.


Cheers, Brock.
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You could try doing this

make sure there's no disc inside
get into the setup menu
press volume up, volume down, volume up, volume down,
until you see "VER #" (# is your current region code)
use the cursor keys to choose VER 255 (code free)
press setup

Done! Your v520 is region free!
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