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I’ve plugged some remote sockets into my SkyHD boxes to turn them off and on again, down side is they don’t power up if there is a power cut. Only need it once every 2-3 months or so but it’s handy to have.

Sounds like you could do with some
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scoobyood - it may be worth shopping around for quotes from installers. When my LNB packed up 18 months ago I had an independent satellite installer supply and install a new one for Ł72 inc VAT. It's one of the Sky+ HD quad LNBs which is probably what you need fitting too.

I'd already told them on the phone what I though the problem was but that price included checking it with his meter first just to be sure.

If you do get anyone in also make sure they leave you with the SkyQ LNB seeing as it's not broken.

Also as I understand it Sky will only supply hybrid LNBs if you have non-Sky Q devices that are going to remain connected at the time of the install. At least that's what I've heard.

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I've not had any issues with Sky Q ( Touch wood ), I did have more issues with SkyHD.

And no extra cost if you dont do multi room. it actually worked out cheaper to upgrade to Sky Q instead of just a dish installed in a house move.

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LNB replacement is a very simple and easy job, only really made difficult depending on how high your dish is / long ladders are / toleration of heights.

I’ve installed various quad and even octo lnbs (the octo ones can cause a dish to drop a little due to weight) and they are cheap and easy to get hold of
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