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OMG! it's full of stars!
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I think the thread title should say (UK shuffling zombie pace)
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Originally Posted by Hot Ice View Post
I don't want to stick my head in now and see about the finale! I'd be devastated - maybe it's time to sack up and get brave...(!)
Don't do it, big spoilers for the finale!
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Hot Ice
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Originally Posted by richie-t View Post
Don't do it, big spoilers for the finale!
I've already stuck my nose in! Got as far as 'spoilers for finale' and then ran away screaming as if Shane was coming to get me (while alive).
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Originally Posted by Hernster View Post
there was nothing to stop me posting detailed information about the last episode after I watched it live here in the US. I might just do that next time lol
As the thread title says US pace & spoilers then that would be fine. I watched most of S3 on Fox UK so avoided that thread after Sunday.
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