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[Blu-Ray News] Evil Dead II 25th AE (US BD) in November

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray News 'Evil Dead 25th AE (US BD) in November' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Lionsgate Home Entertainment have announced the US Blu-ray Disc release of Evil Dead II: 25th Anniversary Edition on 15th November 2011. Sam Raimi’s horror favourite starring Bruce Campbell is back with all-new special features that revisit every aspect of the film’s shoot with over 20...

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At least he doesn't mess with the actual films though.

Hope we get a better transfer this time round.
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In fairness, this film needs a proper release on Blu-ray and it was Anchor Bay who bled this franchise dry on DVD, not Raimi.

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Isn't the current release any good? I thought it was great.

Ah, I see, its 2. Yes, definitely, been waiting for a decent release of this. Excellent.

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