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[Blu-Ray News] Dark Star (UK BD) in September

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray News 'Dark Star (UK BD) in September' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Fabulous Films have announced the UK Blu-ray Disc release of Dark Star on 19th September 2011. John Carpenter’s pulp science fiction classic follows a warped intergalactic mission to blow up unstable planets. Dark Star was intended to be a 68 minute student film. Hollywood Producer Ja...

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Does this feature everything from the 2 disc Region 1 DVD version?

I see the commentary with ‘Dark Star super fan' Andrew Gilchrist isn't there. Good or bad thing, don't know: never heard of him!

Will probably buy anyway. It's the only John Carpenter film I haven't seen.

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Sweet - looking forward to this!
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Can someone elighten me on what Alan Dean Foster has to do with Dark Star and why his name is on the cover art?

This was a John Carpenter / Dan O’Bannon effort wasn't it? (Although I think Foster knocked-up a movie tie-in book years later in the mid-1980s...)
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This has been pushed back to 17 Oct.
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