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[Blu-Ray Review] Cold Fish

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray Review 'Cold Fish' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Sion Sono returns with an exhilarating work of vivid colour, twisted morality, and monstrous brutality....

Click here to read!
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I saw this at the cinema earlier this year and remember thinking that it would probably look less than stellar on Blu Ray, as it was very grainy. As such I imagine this is a pretty faithful transfer of the source materials. Great film by the way -the couple I went to see it with walked out during the last 20 mins!
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Yeah, I think you're right, I saw it at the London Film Festival and I thought I recalled it being a bit rough-looking. Just ordered my copy, even if the transfer is genuinely problematic there's unlikely to be a superior import version at a reasonable price.

For anyone wondering if this is going to be a bit "heavy" for them, I think it's worth stressing that although the film is indeed disturbing, violent, and ultimately very bleak, it's also very funny at times, especially early on.
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What's with the weird horizontal lines on the image though? It's like stripes that are present throughout, more visible in dark scenes, and there's a brightness flickering effect like once a second too, I've not really come across something like this before.

The film: 4.5/5
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