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Originally Posted by belgarion_v View Post
the 3 wheeler thing was funny first time, then zzzzz and it went went on far too long
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As with others, I had this recorded, and just skipped through the bulk of it.. I can't really be arsed with it any more.

The volcano section had the potential to be a lot more interesting, and visually impressive, but it felt a bit half-arsed in favour of the other (cheaper) crap.
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No comments this week? Everyone else fell asleep too huh?
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Arthur Fowler
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Not a great episode imo.
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Yeah, kinda dull throughout. The challenge was one of the most boring ever & do we really need to see more 911's reviewed? ... Only the News was mildy entertaining.
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Star is a car was crap and the challenge was pretty weak but alteast they did;nt wreck the cars for once. I was hopeing that they would each do a lap of "The Ring" but it was'nt to be.
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Apart from a boring zzZZZzz celeb in a boring car I thought the episode was pretty good.
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I thought the boo'ing of AC was pretty silly to be honest, didn't really make much sense as any sory of reaction.

For a change I thought that section was more interesting than usual given the political divisions between them.

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Originally Posted by ROne View Post
I thought the boo'ing of AC was pretty silly to be honest, didn't really make much sense as any sory of reaction.
well, maybe the next time they have war criminal on the sofa, they'll bear that in mind and have the audience gagged. very nu labour.
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Originally Posted by fattyboombatty View Post
well, maybe the next time they have war criminal on the sofa, they'll bear that in mind and have the audience gagged. very nu labour.
Oh didn't think of that. Trial by scooby owner.

Somehow I doubt the audience made that particular connection.

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The trio's fast losing their collective charm.

May seems to be coming into his own at last. The Hamster is just getting annoying, & Clarkson is starting to look really really old.

Still, it was better than last week I thought.

It was nice to see May get genuinely excited about a car for once, & the challenge wasn't too bad (the mention at the end of another bit that 'they didn't have time to show' annoyed me though)

Star in a RPC was horrible though. Car crash tv (no pun intended). Why would they get someone on that Clarkson clearly doesn't like? Just to plug his book? Get interesting guests (or at least someone they can have a bit of friendly banter with) or drop it!
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First time I've fast-forwarded through a whole chunk of Top Gear. Alistair ******* Campbell? I've seen enough of that **** on TV already thanks.
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Originally Posted by aprout View Post
or drop it!
I'd go with drop it! 1/6th of the program waisted by a boring celeb plugging their book/movie/whatever, driving in a circle, and a long drawn out "Did you go faster than x,y,z". Boring Boring Boring. Should have scrapped it with the old car
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Oh well seems I was in the minority as I quite liked the challenge, but may be that's my teenage interest in Cosworths.

Like the revenge of the dog leg, as hampster keep crashing in to May was getting boring. Was expecting German Stig to be Stig's German sister aka Sabine
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Old 07-07-2010, 10:08   #56
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I quite liked the challenge. It wasn't outright silly in the way some older ones have been, it was interesting to see the ADAC stuff, and I think mostly the message was a big warning about buying "cheap" old performance cars without checking them out for safety. It's obvious that you'll have a lemon when you pay Ł1500 for a Porsche 944/928, but that BMW of Hammond's looked fairly straight at first glance, though it was an utter horror beneath. I saw the whole thing as some useful public service information presented in an entertaining way.
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I'm with the, growing, minority. Loved the challenge. The humour, although tried and tested, made me laugh. Didn't mind the SIARPC bit as getting boo'd is more than Campbell deserves, loathsome individual that he is.

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Odd. TG goes slightly more serious and is loathed. I loved it. Again.
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I enjoyed the Germany challenge - could've done with more of a look at Berlin though, lovely place.
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Thought this weeks episode was far better than last weeks.

If you want to see the economy part of the challenge here it is
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