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Wow...only found out about this tonight when a mate mentioned it.

Dug into my planner and fortunately my planner had resurrected the system link and recorded it in glorious HD.

That merc looked dangerous...there was one bit in New York where the tail kicked out and nearly took out some pedestrians...

What's all this about Tiff Needell being the instructor?
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The Bear
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Top Gear Series 15 (Christmas Specials)

He was listed as the 'Emergency Stig' in the credits and was the one who showed Danny Boyle how to drive around the track.
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Not a bad episode, the whole lights out thing was as staged as ever but well done. looking forward to the christmas special.
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Originally Posted by Deron View Post

What's all this about Tiff Needell being the instructor?
Clarkson and co still work with the fifth gear crew for top gear live and Clarkson's annual videos. It was probably a favour if tiff was really acting as temp stig. I wouldnt be surprised if all the anti stig stuff was all for comedy value and that there isn't too much bad blood between Ben Colins and the others.
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OK am I being thick here, when did the new season of top gear in the UK start? Just looking at the one on tommorow and it says 7/7 ? Have I missed 6 episodes?

I thought the one tommorow night was the 1st part of the 2 part xmas special, if so when is the 2nd part please, im confused!!!!
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The first part of the 2 Xmas specials was the last of the series in summer. I think they said it would be a wait till the last episode.

Boxing day is a special on it's own.
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And the Boxing Day ep says '1/7' on my Sky box but I hope we don't have to wait so long for the rest of the eps!
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Yay for 'Intercourse Pennsylvania' (just down the road from my house....).

They didn't mention that the next two villages along the road are 'Paradise' and 'Gap'. Sure they could have worked some sort of punchline in with that info...

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Rip Curl
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Enjoyed this tonight and the baby at the end was brilliant.
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Alan b
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The ending was great but thought this was on the poor side, the acting in places was awful, not one of their better specials.
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I found it quite boring for a TG episode. OK as a documentary type programme, but not as a TG special. There were not really any laughs in it. The only bit that did get a slight chuckle was the baby at the end.
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As above, fairly disappointing in terms of a special compared to the others and despite all the oohing and ahhing about the scenery also fairly poor compared to the other specials imo. Best bit, though slightly bad for laughing at it after was

Wonder where to next year? i reckon Russia is due some sort of tortuous crossing.
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It was ok, with a couple of laughs. Hands down, the best bit was
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I called the ending just before it happened!!!1!!

Decent enough ep.
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Faked or not, I'd have had my foot VERY hard on the brake peddle during the failed landing.

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Rabbi of Caerbannog
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When I saw the listing for the first Christmas one I saw American Road trip and just assumed that it was a repeat of the previous one that they did in the USA from earlier this year (or was it last year?) so gave it a complete miss. I manually set my box to record the Boxing Day show on HD.

Having read the past 2 pages I've completely missed the Christamas one in America and having seen the posts about EPG listings I've checked my recording of the past series.

The last one I have is from 1st Aug and is listed on my box as Ep 6/7.

The boxing day one has it's own folder "TG Special" and is listed as Ep 2/2 so I'm assuming that that the USA one was Ep 1/2,

This is on a Humax Foxsat box. Will have to catch it on Iplayer.
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Originally Posted by Rabbi of Caerbannog View Post
The boxing day one has it's own folder "TG Special" and is listed as Ep 2/2 so I'm assuming that that the USA one was Ep 1/2,
Bizarrley the Sky EPG had the USA one down as 7/7* and the boxing day special as 2/2. BBC kind of messed up I think.

*the first original showing a few days ago, didn't check the repeated xmas day showing.
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Originally Posted by SPB View Post
Bizarrley the Sky EPG had the USA one down as 7/7* and the boxing day special as 2/2. BBC kind of messed up I think.

*the first original showing a few days ago, didn't check the repeated xmas day showing.
although the repeat showed as 1/2
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Originally Posted by Alan b View Post
The ending was great but thought this was on the poor side, the acting in places was awful, not one of their better specials.
The whole thing reminded me of watching "Come Fly With Me" nothing new, done before and a bit lazy it does not make me laugh.

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laughed like a horse when may got poleaxed... but only because i actually thought it was clarkson still pretty funny, tho.
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Clarkson, Hammond, Hamster, James May, Top Gear

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