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I just noticed that the imdb is listing that Moon has won 17 awards and had a further 15 nominations! Shame it wasn't able to add an Oscar but still a great tally with more to come I'm sure
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Just watched this film again and it really does hold up well on repeated viewings. Forgotten how many times I have seen this film now but it never gets old. Still very entertaining and moving.

Sorry for resurrecting this old thread but in case there is anyone out there who hasn't seen it yet then go buy it.

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Please remember to use the spoiler tags, ta.
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I bought the DVD of Moon recently - really enjoyed the film.

Although I had no trouble with any picture glitches in the actual film, the sequence shown on the main menu is quite jerky. The sound is fine, but as the camera pans around during the main menu, it seems to jerk every couple of seconds as though a few frames are missing. Anyone else notice this, or is my menu corrupted?

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