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Thumbs up Sun Scarred (2006 - Takashi Miike)

Continuing my Miike binge, I stumbled across this lesser known title. It is a very different type of film, from a filmmaker who is world renowned for being different. The plot revolves around Mr Katayama, a familyman leading a typically happy life until his encounter with a gang of murderous youths. Without revealing too much away, a conflict arises destroying Katayama's happiness and society labels him the criminal and not the gang.

Miike has adopted a more subdued style; in fact, if it were not for frequent regular Sho Aikawa, you would probably be forgiven for mistaking this filmmaker for someone else. Visually, everything is so bleak and hushed with subtle use of sound to accompany the cold atmosphere. It comes as an unexpected yet welcomed break from Miike's typically hyperactive approach. Sun Scarred is a slow paced drama, focusing on such themes as anger and vengeance, as well as Japan's lax views on youth crime. It reaches out on so many levels and although not Miike's best (I personally thought that the second half could have been somewhat more polished), it is a prime example of the diversity that this filmmaker has to offer. All he needs to do now is make a cartoon or something to complete his repertoire.

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