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Additional Oly/Panny format : MICRO Four/Thirds.

A bit of a surprise this one.

Olympus/Panasonic have announced the micro 4/3rds format.

This is a mirrorless design that is full time live liew or electronic viewfinder. Bye bye optical viewfinder!

Lenses use a different mount ( smaller diameter ) with more electrical contacts and benefits from the mirrorless system mean that the flange to sensor distance is halved.

Existing 4/3rds lenses can be used via an adapter.

Brave move!


( Posted as a new thread instead of in the Oly thread as it is of general interest ).

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smaller lighter cameras with a SLR size sensor and older lens compatibility. Quite a clever move to try and steal some of the beginners who are toying between a bridge camera and full SLR. I can think of a few friends who actualy think of using the viewfinder/mirror setup of an SLR as a disadvantage so if this is priced right it might have a good market.
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