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Another eagerly awaited Lynch title announced

Finally, Eraserhead!


But I'm not too excited. The planned released date (Sept 1st) has obviously been and gone


EDIT I'm excited again, it seems to be out?

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Wondered what happened to this. Can't say I'm too excited either - how much better can it look? I've had this movie in so many versions, and was determined that the last SE Lynch designed box, of which I paid $75 from a cult DVD store in NYC, would be the last.

Hell, who am I kidding - I'll buy it. It better have a stunning amount of extras.
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When that box came out, I remember Lynch saying the print was like a kaleidescope that DVD had no chance of capturing the full detail of, so I'll risk it.

I've just ordered one, so we'll see. No idea if its available or not. I'd expect someone else to notice if its been out a month already.


Looks like I've just pre-ordered it, from reading elsewhere as Lynch is, supposedly, doing the remaster himself or something. *sceptic face*

Slight update - had an email from EzyDVD saying its def due out in Feb. Yay.

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