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Originally Posted by SpaceCoyote View Post
It's horses for courses. I love it and have read it at least 4 times and bought the audio version.

There is better zombie stories out there, try "White Flag of the Dead" on Kindle, but for a global picture of zombie armageddon you can't beat WWZ.
Yep - I thought it was brilliant. The only disappointment for me was how short it was - it could have been several hundred pages longer and more epic, allowing for more characterisation.
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I actually found it quite hard to get into at the start, the writing style was quite jumpy which I find works better in films than books!

However I persisted and was glad I did, once I got used to the writing style, thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to seeing the film!
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I loved it! I have no interest in zombie stuff normally, but this was great fun to read.
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Originally Posted by TonyG View Post
Looks like this novel has new competition...

Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry is out later this month & the new issue of SFX magazine has scored it a maximum five outta five. It's described as "24-with-Zombies" and I quote...

"...one of the most exciting thrillers we've read in years, and arguably the greatest Zombie novel, far superior to the vastly over-rated World War Z for example."

I'm tempted to give it a go.
I'm currently reading this having seen your recommendation and bought it on my Kindle.
It's very good - in tone I'd say it's similar to a Clancy novel. Set in present day with references to current news events.
The zombies are handled well, and I really like that it's set in the real world - the characters know about Romero's zombies and reference all the various cultural icons around the zombie myth. Not finished it yet, but it's a refreshing take on the whole genre.
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