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Very cool ... as a closet fan of the Spy Kids franchise, good luck, and I'm looking forward to your film.
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My sons got to briefly meet Bollecks, aka Mr Muchamore this week-end and loved it.

They both got the new book and one of them had finished it by the next day. The other one is trying to make it last a few days (and seems to be failing).

Interestingly, both are reticent on the idea of the movie as they feel it will conflict with the mental image they formed of the books. I'm sure they will drag me to see it though.

Fun event at that kids bookstore in Richmond (The lion and unicorn). Seems like they get a lot of authors for signings.

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It was good to meet you and the boys at Richmond.

I've just posted a video of some of the earlier tour events on Youtube:

(My first attempt at editing together something more complex than straight talking to camera shots)

As for the movie, we're still in production hell! Current plan is to shoot next spring, but it was scheduled for 'next spring' this time last year as well!
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Originally Posted by bollecks View Post
As for the movie, we're still in production hell! Current plan is to shoot next spring, but it was scheduled for 'next spring' this time last year as well!
I see Tamara Drew is coming out and that was announced at the same time as yours! Film production is a nightmare when you've got one of the big studios behind you, with someone like the BBC it's probably pretty tough to get it financed. At least you have something to talk about on the commentary track
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