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Originally Posted by Roborob View Post
I see no reason that a Blue Ray will have a better picture than a DVD which has a better picture than VHS if the 1st source is an old one.

New films are better for this and as Wargames is an old film I realy doubt that a Blue ray will look any better than a DVD.
What on earth do you mean by '1st source'? Are you saying, in there somewhere, that DVD looked like VHS if the source was the same? So Wargames on VHS was as good as Wargames on DVD which will be the same as the bluray as the source was an old one? Or the opposite? What?

New films are better for what? You do realise there are silent movies from the 1930s that look better than DVD now, right?

Blue Ray? The bloke who seels dodgy porn videos in Morrison's Car Park? (c) Peter Kay

I refuse to give credence to the points you make about CRT until you make sense of your bluray arguments. Perhaps you mean the bluray will look the same as the dvd to me because I'm watching on a 1997 28" Widescreen TV with a goldfish bowl screen.

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