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[Blu-Ray Review] Roujin Z

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray Review 'Roujin Z' on Film @ The Digital Fix

Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and Satoshi Kon (Paprika) collaborate on this classic SF anime from 1991....

Click here to read!
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Great film this and it's nice to see Manga revisit titles from their VHS era besides Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

I'm glad they kept the old English dub as an option, even if it is only plain Dolby Digital. It's partially nostalgia and the simple fact that's how I first saw the film, but I really like the voice cast on the English track. The gung-ho enthusiasm of Haruko, the supreme smarmyness of Hasegawa, and the wonderful groans from Takazawa. They really nail the voice of the Z001/Takazawa's wife as well.
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As DaveF says it's a great film and nice to see it again :)
The last time I watched it was the old CPM DVD which was not a touch on the new blu in terms of PQ (IIRC it was an early DVD release), so to get it in HD with a nice clean transfer was good.

The English track has a bunch of puns/jokes that you don't see in modern dubs (with a number of joke acronyms in the first few minutes), and characters that still match up fairly well :)

The only disappointment is the lack of any extras, but given the age of the film probably not too surprising.
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Hay, I love Roujin Z it is a very strange animation but a brilliant story and was reading something the other day that I wanted to give people the chance to see about Roujin Z so click the link here, http://www.mangauk.com/index.php?p=help-the-aged
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