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Originally Posted by SqueakyG View Post
Blimey. You do your argument no favours. I think it's clear to everyone that the opening shot in ROTS is supposed to be an artistic trick of perspective, rather like a war film where one huge tank rolls into frame and then the camera tilts to show an entire battlefield. We all know the effect that is trying to be achieved. None of us feel personally insulted or betrayed by the idea of what we're watching.

I agree it's not totally convincing. If you want the geography of the scene to make total literal sense, it's a bit jarring. The concept somewhat fails in execution.

But my God, man... why do you argue the way you do? You describe this issue as though the evil monster George Satan Lucas and his team of evil VFX demons are lurking behind that Star Destroyer rubbing their hands together with glee and going, "Bwa-ha-ha! We are literally defecating into the mouths of our fans by presenting a shot that doesn't literally make geographic sense! Hahaha!!"

Get a grip.

Edit: you know what's distracting when you notice it? In ANH, only half of the Millennium Falcon is built in the hangar bay. It literally looks like half the ship stood against a wall. EVIL George Lucas, mocking the fans with such an INCOMPETENT failed shot! The geography doesn't make sense AT ALL!
If you recall, I brought it up to show that RedLetterMedia's style of 'nitpicking' was different on their Sith review. As something he didn't mention, but probably would have done in the way he reviews I & II.

And it's used as an example, in my opinion, of both a) George's comtempt for his audience and b) the fact that his ILM team don't question anything he does.
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