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[Blu-Ray News] Apollo 13 & Dune (US BD) in April

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray News 'Apollo 13 & Dune (US BD) in April' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Universal Studios Home Entertainment have announced the US Blu-ray Disc release of two catalogue titles in April 2010. A 15th Anniversary Edition of Apollo 13 arrives on 13th April and is followed a couple of weeks later by Dune on 27th April. Features are outlined below…


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Okay I don’t have an issue with dtsHDMA on APOLLO 13 as the film was released in dts. I was 99.999% thinking of buying it from HMV but I came to my senses and stopped! HMV are overpriced robbers on the high street!
£20.00 pounds! A cinema ticket around 1995 would be around £4.00 pounds at best to see the film, (hold on)!

No, no, £2.50 at the (MGM cinema) twilight-hour then going up to £2.70 then up to £4.00 pounds.

I saw this film 11 times in Dolby matrix and once in dts at UCI so 12 times in total as it was the best sound I heard over anything music or film wise in 1995, now then!
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Not interested in DUNE anymore. It sounded neat in NICAM725 digital DOLBY STEREO many years ago. All the detail of the optical soundtrack the crackles in the sound I could hear that now then, now then!

There have been so many crappy versions of this popping up on DVD with panned and scanned DOLBY STEREO and 5.1 scope versions or was it DOLBY STEREO 4.2.4 I forget which?

I think I saw screen captures of the DVD and bluray and the bluray looked like rubbish with over the top animated manipulated colouring. No thanks I like it pure and unaltered from the original theatrical viewing.

I think the colour looked okay on TV version around 1990 when it was aired on channel 4.
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