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[Cinema Review] Inception

Comments attached to the Cinema Review 'Inception' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Roger Keen takes a look at Christopher Nolan’s latest—a metaphysical sci-fi actioneer no less....

Click here to read!
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Great review Roger. 'Breathless' is certainly the word - the two hours plus running time flew by. The Mission: Impossible comparison occurred to me too, and I really found myself hoping they would all come out of it alive. I've never really warmed to DiCaprio as an actor, but between this and Shutter Island, I'm now starting to.
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Cheers Primus:)

Like Memento and indeed Mulholland Dr., Inception has generated a big debate over multiple meanings and plot interpretations, with many theories abounding about what is *really* going on. This was Nolan's intention, of course, and it's added another facet to the film's already considerable success. Naturally absorbing such theories creates an impetus to see it again, or to get the disc asap. Art and commerce have found a new fusion.

Here below is one of the best articles on multiple interpretations. Spoiler warning!

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