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[News] Me & Orson Welles (R2) in April

Comments attached to the News 'Me & Orson Welles (R2) in April' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

CinemaNX have announced the UK DVD release of Me & Orson Welles on 19th April 2010. The DVD will be available exclusively through Tesco...

Click here to read!
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Brilliant film, shame it's Tesco only, but pre-ordered already. Wish there was a blu, I'm sure it'll look amazing.
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"Zac Efron is terrific" ???

Christian McKay's the star of this film! How many High School Musical fanettes are going to (a) be interested in this type of film in the first place, or (b) be able to get through the first 20mins of it without exaggerating a yawn or simply shouting out "boooooooooring!!!"?

I do understand motion pictures are made primarily to earn a profit, but this is one sad DVD cover, aimed completely at the wrong audience demographic. It isn't a teeny bopper flick.
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