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Part 1 was awful and Part 2 was only marginally better. The story made very little sense whatsoever, and Davies not only created one more super-power for the Doctor but it was one that completely invalidated the end of the fourth Doctor. This aside, it was just a predictable fairground ride from one unoriginal, bad idea to the next.

So many plot holes you don't really know where to begin - the most obvious one being why didn't he just use the sonic screwdriver to vent the radiation? That chamber might well be shielded, but it clearly wasn't soundproof. The Doctor only regenerated because of a hastily put-together and not thought through contrivance.

You've got to thank Russell Davies for bringing the show back, but this simply illustrated that maybe he stayed for too long. We can moan about many of his stories but there was always at least a few cracking ideas in them. This was a Davies story where he appears to have run out of ideas and so resorted to pinching everyone else's. Rather tragic in a way, but I guess it did enough to say goodbye to Tennant.

I don't want the show to change that much under Moffat. I mean, the formula is unchanged and will always be brilliant. All I ask for - and what I think we'll actually get based on his previous work - will be stories with a point that actually make sense.
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