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Battlestar Galactica 4x02 - "Six of One" **SPOILERS**


I hope this is the standard for the rest of the season, cos things are getting pret-ty interesting. Lots of little nice characterisation going on, Adama and Roslyn giving each other some home truths, the Cylon insurrection (Brother Cavel remains a complete git), and the 'final four' putting Tori on the spot...

Baltar really is a slut, tho, loved his little scene with himself:

Glad they've cut short the whiny 'I've seen Earth' Starbuck, cos that was getting grating, already, but so bored with Lee's plot at the moment - too much focus on him leaving, and poor Dualla...

Oh, and naked Sharon!!!!

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Battlestar Galactica S4

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