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Originally Posted by camaj
I think comparisons with Heroes arise because both have really good cliffhangers. The problem I have with people critising Lost is when they say they never answer questions (they do). They haven't answered the big questions, but as I pointed out in the first ever thread (or soon after) we won't ever find the answers out until the final episode. Simply because once we know that'll be it, they can't really write much after the big revelations.
But they keep raising new 'big' questions, and then don't answer them either. If they'd introduced the monster, and then in season 2 showed that it was a creation and being controlled by The Others, that would have been a good way of doing things: you resolve one question (what is the monster?) while raising another (who are The Others). Instead Lost seems content to just raise more and more questions. People are frustrated as they've seen it before (The X-Files) and know this route generally leads to things becoming far too muddled and no satisfactory conclusion being reached.
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Or as was the case with Alias - the audience get bored and "new" answers are devised that conflict with the show's history in order to finish off the story in a small number of episodes.
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