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Originally Posted by carpettile
We had a lengthy talk about this at work, all sorts of questions came up, but the main one was, what if one wants to go out and get drunk and the other doesnt, to what extent will the alcohol effect the other
What a sophisticated bunch you are in your office! I presumed the questions we were asking were the same ones being asked everywhere, maybe it was just us!
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Mr Flibble
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Originally Posted by Mr. Brown
I really wanted to see this but forgot it was on and ended up watching the hypochondriacs thing on CH4 instead (thats an hour of my life i'll never get back!).
Anyone know if 5 will be repeating it on one of their digital channels?
It's getting repeated this week, er, some day - can't remember what day or time though

Hope that helps
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Repeated Thursday 15th March 10.30-11.35pm Ch5
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