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Stargate Atlantis 3x10 - "The Return, pt 1" **SPOILERS**

Ok, could someone clear something up for me. Were those real Atlantians they rescued or human-form replicators? As I am sure I have seen that woman before, the one who was the Atlantian commander, and I find it hard to believe that a small number of Atlantians would show their thanks by telling Weir and co to clear off at the first available opportunity.

Other than that, I thought it was pretty formulaic. Team realise they can solve problem, boss says no, nuke them, and team sneak around behind his back, risking all to save the day. No doubt once it is all done, Landry will give them a stern talking to and a pat on the back.

The only interesting thing I found was how little all the main characters have to fill their lives outside of Atlantis. With that gone, they had nothing. Rodney was lonely, I mean he must have been desperate to keep calling Shepperd. Shepperd did not seem too impressed with being just another SG team leader. And Weir just seemed to have gone to pieces.

Carson was funny though - line of the episode - "Oh no, me turtles"

So now just wait until next year for the conclusion. Though I have to say that as cliffhangers go, I did not feel that it was much of one.
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Stargate Atlantis S3

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