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Punks not dead! - It's just lurking in Selfridges...

To celebrate 30 years of Punk,Selfridges in Oxford Street are holding a month long festival in their basement bar featuring performances,
readings discos etc.
I managed to blag my way into the first nights proceedings yesterday to watch original punkers - The Buzzcocks and The Slits.
I watched Ari Up and her Slits play about three years ago and thought they were awful.I enjoyed their performance a lot more last night,especially "Shoplifting" which they played twice.It was a shame they didn't do their amazing cover of "Heard it through the grapevine" mind you.
I hadn't seen the Buzzcocks live for about 10 years and the two original members were certainly showing their age.The band have a new album out this week so the first half of their set featured tracks from that.
It was okay but nothing memorable.The second half was stunning as they ploughed through seven amazing singles in reverse release order,going from "Harmony in my head" to "Boredom".
Their were a few punk celebs in the audience including Marco from Adam and the Ants and Glen Matlock from The Sex Pistols.I also noticed
Bomb the Bass's Tim Simeonon and Popworld's Miquita Oliver in the audience.
Here's some pictures from the night...

The Slits

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