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Documentaries YOU want to see commissioned?

I thought it'd be a bit of fun to explain a concept of a documentary or investigative journalism you'd like to see commissioned. It can be light-hearted fun or deadly serious - but what kind of program would you like to see? Pitch the idea here.


Title: "The Man Behind The Face Of Halifax".
Pitch: That guy, HOWARD BROWN you know the one, the all-singing, all-dancing face of the Halifax advertisements -well, just WHO was he before his catapult to fame as the face of Halifax? Did he have a humble upbringing? Has he always worked for the bank? How does he live his day-to-day life, between filming advertisements? What are the pleasures and pitfalls of being the most recognised face on British television? Has superstardom changed him? We ask, just WHO is this man behind the face? We spend 6 months living with Mr Brown in an attempt to discover the real truth.

Now your turn.

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moving to TV Forum
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I'd like to see "The DVD Forums: A day in the life of a moderator".
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Title: "What the edit is wrong with these people?"
Pitch: Channel 4 (who else?) place ads in the press asking for "participants in a new and innovative reality / life swap programme". Crews are then sent out to interview the people who reply, to try and find out what is so wrong with these sad muppets lives that they feel the urge to get themselves on TV for no good reason and why precisely they feel their tedious pikey screeching is in any way entertaining
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Faking It - A Chartered Account becomes a Lion Tamer.
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