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Question Surround sound and Neighbours


Just wondering if anyone has the full on surround sound in a semi detached house or did you make a comprise and settle for sound just coming through the TV. Reason I ask looking at a centre speaker and it has the rear channels but also a sub. But then I think living in a semi detached would I be able to get the most out of it would out without affecting others i.e neighbours. Have your movie experiences ever affected those living next to you or above you?

Thinking of you

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I lived in a flat with a surround sound system and it didn't bother my neighbours as long as I didn't take the proverbial. They said they only heard it occasionally so I just moderated what I watched after 10pm on weekdays (no action movies etc) or used headphones for them.

It really does depend upon the property and how well it's been insulated.
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It's the low frequencies that carry, so just turn your sub down (at night).
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I live in a block of flats and only have a soundbar + sub. It annoys me, let alone my neighbours. I would love to listen to it loud but I'm always conscious about how much of a disturbance it is, especially modern movies with the annoying low mumbling dialogue and ridiculously loud effects.

Not had any complaints so far though. I do tend to turn down the sub quite a bit in the evening.
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I just told my semi-neighbour that if I was making noise, it was unintentional and they should tell me if our TV is too loud. Never had a complaints.
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