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Cry The Digital Fix Review of 'One-Eyed Jacks' Blu-ray, 12 Jun 17

I read the 'review' but have struggled to see any mention of the disc picture/sound quality.

The review mentions a 4k restoration but doesn't appear to appraise that aspect.

All it seems to do is mention the disc extras then give a score for video/audio without any supporting text !

Does anyone else notice this omission please, or is my computer not displaying all the content of the review ?
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The last few blu-ray reviews from the same reviewer follow the same pattern - a mention of the extras but nothing (save a number) about the video/audio of the film itself. I'd guess that's just the way she does it.
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The Digital Fix has evolved quite a bit as a review site over the last few years and it's not really a "proper" technical disc review site anymore. Slowly but surely most of the old contributors either left or reduced their output drastically (myself included) and we went through a period where new blood was coming in, doing a handful of reviews and then buggering off, so Colin started a drive to get new writers in and I think he just gave up on the idea that contributors needed to cover both the film and the technical side of DVD/BD releases because we just weren't getting the influx of people who could do both. Lowering the standards (not of the writing, just the technical know-how) meant a lot of young, fresh blood came in and the site is probably now more active as a film blog than it ever was.

There's still some of the old guard doing "proper" disc reviews like Gary Couzens, Geoff Dearth, clydefro jones, Noel Megahey, and one or two of the newer reviewers are putting in a little extra effort (like Jon Meakin), but for the most part it's probably best to expect The Digital Fix reviews to be more in the film mag style of just covering the film and giving you an outline of what's on the disc in terms of extras.
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