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Politics, eh?
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Originally Posted by fivebyfive View Post
Not a new show but loving Blood Drive on now tv, its trashy grindhouse but fun and OTT.
Julian Slink is one of the greatest characters on TV. Gloriously OTT.

If you watched Stargate SG-1, the actor also played Major Paul Davis a.k.a. 'Major Disaster'. I'd watch pretty much anything if Colin Cunningham shows up in it (he was also in season 3 of Preacher).
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Colin is currently playing a sleazy bad guy in the still impressive, Stumptown.

Blood Drive was good fun & he was gloriously OTT in it.
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La Bender
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Originally Posted by cliff homewood View Post
I think Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 is the best, went out on top. Some great imaginative stuff there
That last episode.

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worn to perfection
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A Million Little Things appears to have run out of story ideas fairly early in their second season. The last episode was almost entirely about a lost dog...
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cliff homewood
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Originally Posted by CLH View Post
That last episode.

Was impressed with the budget on that one. My fave was the baby episode, that was bonkers!
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Doubt anyone over here watches it (including me), but looks like Days of Our Lives has been cancelled after over 13000 episodes, and 54 years on air! The whole cast have been released from their contracts.
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The Bear
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Poor Joey.
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Leave means lies
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Finished End of the ******* world series 2, meh, series 1 is excellent but s2 really falls short. The final ep of s2 is nice
"Eat the multi-billion dollar corporate slop and pretend it's social justice, you weirdos"
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The Man in the High Castle is back. More cool outfits for Rufus Sewell.

Ray Donovan back next week.
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Dumped Flash, trying to make myself watch the last season of Arrow. Walking Dead has gone bye-bye too. The NCIS trio continue to keep me generally entertained but Hawaii-Five-o went two seasons ago.
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