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Hmmmm, he must have reacted angrily on email to splobs question in his nicest drink thread
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OMG! it's full of stars!
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Well my Journey is complete. Just finished watching Rambo 4

Best ******* action movie ever!!!

It was so over the top in violence could do nothing but just sit there and laugh in shock

So in order of which is best.

1. Rambo 4
2. First Blood part 2
3. First Blood
4. Rambo 3

Non are bad, just that 4 is just so good
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Originally Posted by zenza View Post
Thought I'd watch this on bluray the other night as haven't seen it since I last watched it on VHS and glad I did as it is my fav Rambo film.
I saw the latest one the other night - was blown away (well, not literally!). Talk about blood and guts. Ususal storyline but proper Rambo!
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It's worth reading the novel "First Blood" by David Morrell. Excellent thriller as are almost all of his books. As you would expect, the ending's a little different in the book.
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