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Originally Posted by anephric View Post
Especially if you've never seen First Blood, because it really is in a class far above and beyond any of the other films, both artistically and politically. It hurts me they didn't carry on with the Rambo, John J. that Kotcheff imagined, however far removed from the book he is.
Brilliant film, totally agree it's aged superbly. I must say, I particularly enjoy the first 30 mins or so the most- dialogue cracks me up every time... classic moments such as:

(re: large knife) "What do you hunt? Elephants?"

"Jesus Christ, look at him! What has he been through?..... (reply->) "Who gives a REMOVED!"

(re: radio control info about Rambo being a Green Beret) "I knew there was something special about that guy" (cop looking proud with a smile)

Originally Posted by anephric View Post

For my money, it's the best film Stallone's done.
Whoah! Hang on there.... what about Rocky or Rocky Balboa or the classic arthouse epic that was Assassins??

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Originally Posted by Ste7en View Post
I just watched my HMV steelbook of it and I noticed a few scenes were a bit... jerky, not 'beef jerky' jerky but I guess a fair bit of it looked like that as well

Anyone else spot this or am I just going
noticed this myself on the blu-ray.
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Rambo, Sylvester Stallone

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