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Originally Posted by RCW View Post
Critics bad reviews don't stop me from seeing something
I agree with Mark Kermode in that critics opinions make little to no difference to what people watch. I think familiarity and marketing have the biggest impact on what the masses choose to see.
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Originally Posted by Hood View Post
I agree with Mark Kermode in that critics opinions make little to no difference to what people watch. I think familiarity and marketing have the biggest impact on what the masses choose to see.
Absolutely. Which is why I'm surprised by just how bad (and often misrepresentative) many trailers are these days.

I've been listening to Kermode for so long now that even with movies he doesn't like, I can usually make a pretty informed choice as to whether or not I'll enjoy it.
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Originally Posted by sharp_circle View Post
Once you get past the first 20 minutes where he seems to throw in as many cockneyisms as he can it's actually really enjoyable. It's got some brilliant one liners in it and I did enjoy the performances on the whole.
This for me as well.
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Agree about first 20 minutes. It just didn’t grip me and I was bored and wandering what I was watching. But then it did become really enjoyable and I had great time watching it. Watched in fairly full cinema and was great to have everyone really laughing out loud a fair few times. Highly recommend
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Watched this tonight and while it’s no Lock Stock or Snatch I thoroughly enjoyed it. Loads Of laugh out moments, really enjoyable. Have to agree with other posters that for the first 15/20 minutes I wasn’t sure about it but after that it was great. Highly recommended too.
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Tony Danza
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I thought the weed growing plot was naive and quaint.. .... in reality, when the Elite want to grow weed in the UK and sell it.. they just form a pharmaceutical company, who then task British Sugar to grow it according the laws they just made up... in an industrial scale growing practice. Then they process and ship that product around the world to collect the money in their normal bank accounts. Theresa May's husband is on the board of one such business. British Sugar have one of the biggest weed growing operations in the world...
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Finally got round to seeing this. I quite enjoyed it but I wasn't a huge fan of the Hugh Grant storytelling method - even though he had the best one liners.

Ultimately fun but fairly forgettable. I still have questions over the ending too.
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I thought this was ok when I saw it at the cinema, but nothing makes me want to see it again. Hugh Grant was good, for once actually playing a character rather than himself. Charlie Hunnan(spelling?) is a terrible actor though, wasn't much cop in that Arthur film either.

Ritchie has proved he can do others genres, the Sherlock films were good and even Aladdin was fine, even though it wasn't my cup of tea.
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