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Sand Dab
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Loco 2000 AD: Ultimate Collection PARTWORK

Following on from the excellent on going Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection; Hachette have announced a new artwork for the rest of 2000AD:

2000 AD: Ultimate Collection

Confirmed so far are:
11 - Strontium Dog: The Kreeler Conspiracy: Issue 4
52 - Bad Company, Vol 1: Issue 33
53 - Bad Company, Vol 2: Issue 50
Alan Moore Future Shocks: Issue ??
All-Star Future Shocks: Issue ??
Ampney Crucis Investigates: Issue 65
Ballad of Halo Jones: Issue 2
Caballistics: Issue ??
Caballistics + Absalom: Issue ??
Durham Red (Abnett): Issue ??
Hewlingan's Haircut/Sooner or Later: Issue ??
Nemesis the Warlock, Vol 1: Issue 5
Nikolai Dante, Vol 1: Issue 8
Nikolai Dante, Vol 2: Issue 12
Nikolai Dante, Vol 3: Issue 19
Nikolai Dante, Vol 4: Issue 35
Nikolai Dante, Vol 5: Issue 53
Nikolai Dante, Vol 6: Issue 62
Nikolai Dante, Vol 7: Issue 69
Nikolai Dante, Vol 8: Issue 74
Nikolai Dante, Vol 9: Issue 77
Shakara: The Avenger: Issue 3
Slįine, The Horned God: Issue 1
Skizz/DR & Quinch: Issue ??
Stickleback: Issue 46

There will also be some Dredd stories, but none of these will have appeared in the ongoing Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection partwork.

Im in
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I'll pick up the first issue as it's a nice hardback book for a couple of quid! I can't afford the entire sets!
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It took a while to realise it was £20 a month

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