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The ones that haven’t already died
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Arthur Fowler
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Originally Posted by DeadYankee View Post
The ones that haven’t already died
I'm not dead yet but there is still a whole day to suffer through yet.....

Yeah, weather has been a bit **** and it is muddy, but having a great time anyway!
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Despite the weather it was a great weekend, it helped being prepared for the bad conditions. It was a nightmare walk to camp from West car park but part of that was our fault, we walked pass the shuttle bus to take a look at yellow camp but decided to carry on for black. That was pretty full so we ended up in blue which stayed really good considering the rain. Getting our stuff back to the car we did use the shuttle bus which cut the long walk in half.

The village was the really bad part but they tried their best with straw but it was just a mud bath, it was even worse as it started to dry. The walk to the arena was fine and mud free. Once inside the conditions were surprisingly good considering. In fact after leaving the front of the stage area after Tool last night the ground was amazing after 3 days of abuse. Leaving West car park was also a joy and it was the fastest we have ever gotten out of the festival.

Originally Posted by dmb6473a View Post
Queues for the bar yesterday was ridiculous. Apparently a lot of volunteers didn't turn up because of the weather. Which makes no sense, since there wasn't a problem in 2016.
That would explain why we saw one of the bars closed. Queues for all the Merch stalls were ridiculous and so slow, luckily we were one of the first to get in the arena on Friday so had just enough time to grab the Loyalty vouchers and spend some of them before it got too busy.

Originally Posted by Arthur Fowler View Post
I haven't died yet. Queue to get in was bad (over an hour) so missed Last in Line. (
I don't know why they don't open the arena earlier to give people time to get in before the first acts. It's been the same story in previous years on the first day.
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I always foudn the village part to be the worst area by far when it was muddy, I get it's almost a bit of a choke point so when you've got nigh on 100,000 people all essentially trying to go through it it's not surprising it gets like it does.

I always felt sorry watching people drag their stuff through the mud and rain to the campsites on the opening days, such a horrible way to start when you're trying to put up a tent in the pouring rain while all your stuff is just sat on the floor getting soaked. If the weather stays horrible nothing ever dries out either as it's never warm enough.
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Arthur Fowler
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Anyone planning to go this year? Not going for the whole weekend as it doesn't thrill me and I'm off to Rammstein the following weekend, but seriously considering just going for the Saturday.
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