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Does XBMC playback blu ray .iso files with the full menu structure, so you can select extras etc? If not, can it playback a bd in folder structure, in the same way?
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It certainly plays an iso file, but to be honest I've not ripped one with full menu structure.
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This thread is 4 years old, but is what I'm intending to do with all my DVDs and my Synology NAS.

Any updated suggestions for what software (I'll be ripping with a Mac) and server / client side options would be best to use?

I have a PS4 and a Fire TV hooked up to the TVs - though a stream to ipad option would be great.
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I'd suggest, if you're not bothered about extras and so on, to rip your files to an MKV rather than ISO.
It's more compatible and doesn't have to involve any compression.

For that with a Mac or PC use MakeMKV which is currently freeware.

For the streaming end of things you have Kodi (what used to be XBMC) and Plex as probably the most popular. Both will give you a nice GUI but work very differently and have their pros and cons.

Do you only want to stream to iPads in the house or do you want to be able to stream when out and about?
Can you only stream to a PS4 or FireTV or do the TV's have both as Kodi AFAIK doesn't work on PS4?
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Rip them all to mkv

The Synology app 'DS Video' will let you stream your media library to the iPad..

PS4 will let you stream direct from the NAS..

No idea on the fire stick.
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Thanks both - Think I'll go the non-Plex route. The fire stick can take the Kodi files, and I believe the PS4 should be able to see the shares using Media Player (and DLNA).

Good shout on DS Video - think that also allows for downloading for offline viewing.
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