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Rude Mechanical
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Parental/surf control - any recommendations?

My kids are reaching the ages where they need to use the Internet for schoolwork, but I don't currently have any form of surf control/filter software running. Anyone here got any recommendations? Thanks!
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Guest 1241
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I use net nanny for my 6 & 10 year old, plus watching over their shoulder.
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Guest 39641
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I'm using Norton internet security. Has a very easy categorised setup looking for keywords as well as a regularly auto updated lists of URL's.

Also have the option of a total block other than URL's you have permissioned. Use that incorporated with a ban on search engines other than google kids and teens or yahooligans and you should be pretty safe. My 8 and 6 year olds have been surfing for about 12 months and havent had any embarrassing situations yet!
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How do these things work.How do they know what sites to block out ???
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Chris Locke
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Some sites use a content rating system, which these software titles pick up on, but most work on a blacklist which gets updated from the software authors, very much like an anti-virus update.
Most also have a log of whats been visited, so if you later review it, and notice a dodgy site, you can add this to the blocked list, which the normal user can't amend (and therefore, work around).
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