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Stagger Lee
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Originally Posted by douglasb View Post
Some stuff does does get a wider release but they never say in advance.
They do occasionally say. A black vinyl edition of The White Stripes Peel sessions set has already been confirmed for example.

I was away from home today so will see if my locals have anything left that i want when I'm back and they normally get restocks during the week.
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Sand Dab
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Originally Posted by Robby View Post
If anyone's interested my Vinyl Me, Please package arrived today. Shipped via DHL from Illinois, USA on 8th May with no customs charges.

High time I bought a record player! #vinyl #vinylmeplease #classic #90smusic

Nice little bundle, you get some fancy print, a cocktail recipe :hipster smilie:, a separate gold coloured 7", poster and of course the Artist of The Month album which this month is Fugees The Score with VMP exclusive two tone colouring.

I went for the 3 month sub via an existing members affiliate to get 10% off, so all in a three month sub came to £79.08.

Pricey but I suppose when you factor in international shipping is included, the other bit n bobs alongside the record it probably doesn't work out that much more than spunking 20 - 25 notes on a record elsewhere.

If the next two instalments are of similar quality and no hassle I might keep the sub going.

EDIT: If anyone did want this Fugees release today is the last day to order from them.

Listening to mine now, it's VERY crackely.
Is yours OK?
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Along with picture discs coloured vinyl often sounds poor. Saying that I find new vinyl in general quite hit and miss with regards sound quality.
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Stagger Lee
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Thread bump

This looks like an amazing set but not sure I can justify £150 to myself especially as I can buy the double vinyl and get all the other music as a download for a sixth of the price

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