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William Shatners Wig
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Harry Potter Re-Release - a reality?

According to the LA Times Columbus is looking to re-release Harry Potter & The Sorcerers Stone... This time with a commentary and a production based feature....

Nice to let us know before-hand :rolleyes:

Link to DVD Debate report.
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Been rumoured for weeks now - well before the release of the DVD last month
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yeah, isn't this the "Muggles" edition or somesuch?
Been talk of it for months before the 1st dvd was released. Everyone was too busy working on "Chamber of secrets" to record commentaries etc, so they said it would be done at a later date, probably to coincide with the cinema release of "Chamber..."
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Which is why I haven't bothered to pick the current release, it's too kiddie for me.
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Anyone who picked up the other release without realising there would be a more adult-orientated release is a bit daft...

It was obvious there was going to be another one if only to make more cash
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with a tasteful balck and white cover to indicate that its suitable for adults and they're not buying a kids film oh no :rolleyes:
(This coming from the person who considers that the Video of Babe Pig in The City wouldn't be the same without the boxed edition with free Babe ).
Anyone see the supposedly adult versions of the Philip Pullman books (Amber Spyglass et al.) ? Unlike Harry Potter the original editions didn't look particularly childish anyway:rolleyes:
Hopefully the final editions will be like the french boxed editions, mind you given other comments in the forum it looks like these will be released at the same time as the Lord of the Rings gift sets and Brotherhood of the wolf canadian three disk sets, sometime in november ack.
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