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How to access my Pc via my phone via Dynamic ip address

Hi guys,

Looking for some info

I want to access my pc via my iphone but as Sky use a dynamic id address this changes if router is turned off.

I do have a vidahost account (basic package) so not sure if can be set up from there, also in my router (neatgear hacked) i have options for

DYNDNS and NO-IP but both these options are free, but never used them and also at the bottom states
Note: The Router supports only basic DDNS and the login and password may not be secure. If you have a private WAN IP address, do not use DDNS service as it may lead to problems.
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If you setup an account on dyndns.com it will let you have an alias to your router, even if it is allocated a new IP by your ISP. You just enter the login details on your router under Dynamic DNS and it will let devices on the internet resolve your home PC by entering username.dyndns.org

You would also need to put your PC in the DMZ so that a connection originating from the Internet are routed to it. So you may want to have a static IP for your desktop as well. Lastly, you need to set firewall rules on your PC so that external connections are permitted.
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I don't think DMZ is required as the internal IP doesn't need to change just port forward the required ports.
I think you can also use OpenDNS for this. When you say hacked is it open/dd-wrt sort of thing?

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how about the app 'logmein'?

not cheap at Ł 15, but it's good (as good as browsing on the iphone can be)
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I'm not sure if the Sky router firmware supports DynDNS - if it doesn't, you'd either have to flash it to non-Sky firmware, or extract the Sky username and password from it and use a different router.

DynDNS is great though, I'm using it on my trusty Netgear DG834 with Sky, no troubles
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Yes have a flashed sky router, using DGTEAM.

I already own the logmein app but this is for an app that connects via my pc so can control my newsgroups etc.

Is DynDNA better than No-Ip or are they all the same?
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