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Kal El
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This film Kicks-Ass!!!!!!
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Awesome review Ian - I so want to see this movie.
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Thanks Adrian. I forgot to even mention the incredible soundtrack. The Banana Splits theme has never been so weirdly appropriate for an action sequence!
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Gun? Shot.
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What stood out for me is the sheer technical bravura that Vaughn brings to a film of this type - some of his technical ability and visual mastery are a cut above the journeymen for hire that pepper hollywood. This flair was apparent on his debut, the patchy Layer Cake and, for me, he's up there with the Finchers and Scorseses in his technical brilliance.

I bet hollywood aren't so quick to rebuke his next project!
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Britain's Scariest Person
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Agree that it will end up in my top 10 list of 2010...I loved it.
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Guest 74133
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Pretty sure I'm the only person who didn't enjoy it. Caught a free screening and after all the hype and build up, it was just a big trailer, and as substantial as one too.
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