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[Feature] Ten Warner Bros. Box Sets That Should Have Been

Comments attached to the Feature 'Ten Warner Bros. Box Sets That Should Have Been' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Still not very excited about the Warner Archive, clydefro offers up some ideas on what the studio folks could have released on DVD had the focus there not shifted dramatically. ...

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According to DVDBeaver (I can't find another source so far), Warner has just announced Film Noir Vol 5, featuring 8 movies:
Cornered, Desperate, The Phenix City Story, Armed Car Robbery (all Clydefro'ed)
Deadline At Dawn (Susan Hayward, Paul Lukas), Crime In The Streets (Don Siegel, Sal Mineo, this one screams for an uncensored James Ellroy audio commentary if you know what I mean), Dial 1119, Backfire (Vincent Sherman, Virginia Mayo)
It supposedly comes this summer.
It was about time!

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