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Mum & Dad

This got 4 out of 5 in Total Film recently. I think the reviewer must have been watching a different film to me.

It was awful! It was neither funny nor scary, although the make-up was pretty good for such a low-budget film (I read it was made for Ł100,000) - but effects do not a good film make.

Thought it was a total waste of time, and nothing like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Frightmare, which the director alluded to in a short interview on the disc.

The family themselves weren't grounded in reality at all - I didn't for one second believe they'd all be capable of doing the stuff they did. I don't kno whether that's down to bad acting, bad writing, or what. Actually, the acting was pretty good - but all the same, it held my interest for no longer than about 15 minutes. The first 15 minutes.

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I added this to my friends lovefilm a while ago, but still waiting for them to send it. It got some decent advance reviews, and I heard it went down ok at the frightfest too.

Not all that in your opinion then Stig? Isn't it loosely based on Fred & Rosemary West?
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I have to agree with LordoftheDance and thought this was awful. The "parents" are completely mismatched and just not believable as a couple. Everybody acts like they are in a different film. The thought must have been that doing a Texas Chainsaw/Wolf Creek style film on the outskirts of London would make this original, but then they forgot to make this actually a good film. Mum & Dad was touted as "Mike Leigh does Texas Chainsaw Massacre", but considering how little talent or ambition is on display here, this is laughable.

The fact that it exploits elements of the Fred and Rosemary West case for cheap thrills only makes it worse.

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I quite enjoyed this myself. It's not great by any means, but made a refreshing change from the usual glossy teen horrors on the circuit. I thought both Mum & Dad were quite likable, in a grimy way; it certainly exploits Fred & Rosemary West, but it made for entertaining viewing, and you really didn't know what was coming next.

The acting wasn't bad either, if a little bit soapy (which made the grim stuff all the more surreal). They also didn't do too badly on the effects work considering the budgetary constraints. I like the pitch black humour throughout as well.

Wouldn't want to see it again, but it kept me entertained.

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Will it be renamed "Mom & Pop" for US audiences?
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Not good

I'm fairly broadminded but some bits of this were too much

The acting wasnt bad, (Birdie was particularly irritating), and it was short (about 80ish minutes) but by the end of it I just didnt care.
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Another who enjoyed this. Kept me interested till the end at least.
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Horrible film, didn't enjoy it at all, didn't give a toss about any of the characters, didn't find it funny, didn't find it gripping, just found it disgusting really which isn't enough to satisfy my horror film needs. The ending, the final shot is a direct reference, I feel, to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and think that it's done really well... shame it was the only part of the movie that actually took my interest only moments from the end credits!
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